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  • October 6th – 10th Igor Maslennikov
  • October 20th – 23rd Valentino Bechini
  • October 24th – 28th Andre Malcolm
  • November 2nd – 5th Ant the Elder
  • November 2nd – 3rd Joel Rich
  • November 8th – 14th Sally RIP
  • November 16th – 24th Thomas Hooper
Seth Wood and Thomas Hooper are both long time friends and former employees at Saved. In the many great years we had with them they created a large body of in progress work, and now continue to return to Saved on a regular basis to continue these pieces, start new ones, and just hang out. We’re proud that they can now call Saved their New York home away from home!

Marcus Kuhn is also a long time friend of the Saved Family, and while his travels may take him all over the world for Gypsy Gentlemen, he makes sure to stop by Saved on a regular basis to work with and cultivate his New York clientele. To find out when any of our guests are going to be in town, you can contact them directly at the links below.

Seth Ciferri is currently based out Portland, Oregon. He will be guesting at Saved on a monthly basis, and can be contacted for appointments either through Saved or directly at


Temple Tattoo - Oakland, CA


Rock of Ages Tattoo - Austin, TX


Just Good Tattoos - San Diego, CA


Studio Kozaku - San Francisco, CA

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